How About Rolex Watches

Rolex Watches

The status of Rolex in China is like the symbol of the “eternal”.  Because, “Rolex” is to the East as the main market, especially in China’s great reputation, and there is a considerable amount of surviving, it has been translated into “Rolex”.  After the liberation in quite a long period of time, many factors caused the people do not know Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Pigeut and other top brands, only regard “Rolex” as the best watch. In today’s international antique watch market, “Rolex” has a particularly defensive to avoid drop, for example, in the last 70s century, only spend tens of dollars can “purchase” 18 gold “bubble back” watch, the good appearance watch sold over 20 thousand to 30 thousand yuan, the value is high, which is favored by the “Rolex” collectors.


In the international market, the price range from $1000 to $15000 for an ordinary Rolex watch. Although the price is not cheap, people still think that good value for money. This is not only due to the excellent quality of Rolex, but also because it has a unique investment value. Antique Rolex is very difficult to depreciate. At an auction in Geneva in 2002, One of the last Vietnamese emperor Bao Da had 1952 Rolex calendar gold watch auction in Geneva had to take 342 thousand Swiss francs (about $235.4 thousand at that time),the equivalent of more than RMB2,000,000. The explorer type Oyster watch is the first piece of climbing Mount Everest watch, it is the brand’s entry-level products, its price about 39300 yuan.


In the twentieth Century mechanical watch era, Rolex has been a leader in the global watch industry. Even to this day, outstanding craftsmanship and technology still makes Rolex watches maintained the status of industry leaders. At present, Rolex has more than 20 branches in the world, the annual output reached about 1 million, ranking the leading position of the Swiss watch industry sales.


On December 30, 2008, the world’s leading brand value research institutions – the world brand value laboratory held “the 2008 world brand value laboratory annual award selection” activities, Rolex with a good brand image and brand vitality award “China topped the most competitive brand list”, won the majority of consumers universal praise.



Rolex Classic Watch Users Evaluation


Rolex women’s log series 179160 ladies automatic machine watch (Rolex)

The users said that the watch packaging is very atmospheric, the watch is very positive and really good. The watch chain is a little long. It is estimated that the new watch will be a little bit long, the watch special counter needs to change it.

Rolex oyster perpetual 179313-63133 NGGD automatic mechanical watch (Rolex)

Netizens say the watch looks extravagance and luxurious, they like it because it also has woman’s taste.


Rolex submariner 116613-LN-97203 Men’s Automatic Watch (Rolex)

Netizens say Rolex is an upstart, but there is no doubt that the Manufacturing process , it is directed at the oyster surface, the three locking crown and unidirectional rotating outer ring, to buy a diving watch immediately thought of Rolex Hunter series.


Rolex week calendar series 118238-83208 men’s automatic mechanical watch (Rolex)

Users say Rolex calendar type 118238-83208 automatic machine’s appearance looks very beautiful and wears really cool, what price, what goods!


Rolex DEEPSEA series 116660-98210 men mechanical watch (Rolex)

Netizens say DEEPSEA really is the most love, specially selected the titanium alloy, their friends said its hypoallergenic performance, and color is very nice, we should buy the better one.


Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400 men (black) automatic machine table (Rolex).

Netizen say that we must try our best to understand the warranty card. After sales service is very good, the unloading watch, testing time, the handling is very fast.


Rolex Top Watches


Rolex DEEPSEA series 116660 disc Black Wristwatch

Wristwatch series: DEEPSEA

Movement type: automatic machine

Gender: Men

Case material: stainless steel

Watch strap material: stainless steel watchband

Watch diameter: 44

Water depth: 3900 meters

Comment: DEEPSEA will watch scuba diving record change to 3900 meters, if the “SUBMARINER” is Rolex’s Change Road diving weapons that DEEPSEA is called completely “sea monster”. In the field of cutting-edge waterproofing technology Rolex has always been the authority, in addition to water depth beat all, DEEPSEA some other disruptive technology innovation also allows diving enthusiasts to stop. RinglockSystem case structure ensure that the watch can under great pressure in thousands of meters deep sea environment.


Rolex log type II series 116333 Ivory Watch

Watch series: log type

Movement type: automatic machine

Gender: Men

Case material: 18K gold – stainless steel

Watch strap material: 18K stainless steel – Gold

Watch diameter: 41 mm

Comment: talking about the gold watch, “Jin Lao” is undoubtedly the best choice for the hearts of many people. The Rolex II series is the log 116333 recommended only a steel chain watch, watch diameter is 41 mm, ivory and gold bezel dial 18K interpretation of means that people obsessed with the most unique design, 18K Gold collocation stainless steel bracelet because of its high cost, but also it can display date, water depth up to 100 meters.


Rolex Universe Xingdi with 116520 meter White Dial Watch

Watch series: Daytona

Movement type: automatic machine

Gender: Men

Case material: stainless steel

Watch strap material: stainless steel watchband

Watch diameter: 40 mm

Comment: Chronograph to the Rolex family filed a series of “timing legend” -daytona. This watch short distance time function can be accurate to 1/8 seconds. Silver stainless steel watch ring with outer ring dial speed watch, strong and elegant design, so that this watch becomes more unique is that the sound of loud and clear sound. The watch equipped with 4130 chronograph movement, sapphire watch mirror, oyster watchband, water depth of 100 meters and excellent performance.


Rolex’s current price as well as the mainstream crowd


Rolex’s current mainstream price is from 40,000 to 500,000 yuan, the price is suitable for a wide range of people. Mainly looking at the economic capacity, such as Beijing, Shanghai, the local people are basically could afford it, but there is the big and wide choice in the big city, strong offensive in the IWC, Blancpain, Jaeger Le Coulter, Hublot, Cartire, Athens, Zhi Bo, Rolex’s advantage is not obvious. In addition to the Rolex, Wanguo and lasu starting price is almost the same, Rolex outshines the history has faded away. Rolex is only a bit better after the domestic sales, but now OMEGA’s sales up. The Rolex watch belongs to the movement of the watch for daily wear and can do a very good sports watch brand, such as drowner, explorer, yacht, GMT, Daytona is very hot, but the general feeling Rolex dress watch.


Rolex watch true and false discrimination

Rolex watch is made in Swiss, because of its design and production always maintain the traditional style. It’s performance including automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, antimagnetic, work better, especially the dial, table and watch strap, carved into the crown is the symbol of high quality. Because of the use of brand-name watches in the manufacture of advanced equipment, high quality materials, to achieve the processing of fine, high finish. True Rolex watches, whether the work, the text is very fine, there is a perfect feeling, which is an important aspect of authenticity identification.

From the appearance of the Rolex case, watchband, Wang Guan, English fine words clear and complete, while the imitation shell slightly fuzzy rough tabulation. Especially the bottom of the watch and the cover of the gear is very exquisite and clear, bright and stereoscopic, however, rough imitation without stereo sense, are generally more shallow. For weight, the genuine really feels heavy, fake much lighter (Note: but some fake inside a copper ring). On the watchcase, watchband 18K gold Rolex genuine, generally by the new to the old gold quality, color change, imitation 14 gold or lower gold or plated with 18 karat gold, but for a long time, it will change back to the original. The starry of Rolex, the diamond was inlaid in the watch is real, and imitation diamond is a fake.


The market also appeared really watchcase, watchband, holiday inside Rolex movement, so it is best to use special tools to open the watch. Really Rolex movement, a pry to the automatic rudder, the movement of plywood engraved with the words of ROLEX, but also engraved with the organic core number: 1570, 2135, 3135, 3035…… And so on, the fake is not. Mechanical movement really exquisite and clear lines, rough dark fake movement.

In addition, remove the side watchband, watchcase middle ear type batch meter factory, the middle ear side watch number, no fake (some imitation goods have, but not neat and clear); Rolex watches have a guarantee of quality, the upper right corner there is more than two lines of Arabic numerals code name, neat and clear, but the fake only one line, are not uniform, not neat. But not to be distinguished by these, because the market also has fake guarantee.

The recommendation of Rolex oyster perpetual watch—MILGAUSS

The Rolex oyster perpetual watch, the MILGAUSS is an outstanding representative of the scientific and technological progress. It successfully eliminated intense magnetic field to witness the accuracy of interference. The color of orange lights the second hand design of a new generation of the Rolex watch MILGAUSS with outstanding, its inspiration from the earliest models. The anniversary with a green blue crystal mirror creates a new feature of the watch industry. Let us to learn more about the MILGAUSS.

Special Oyster case

At the same time, the Rolex in ensuring superior timing performance, the design can withstand 1000 Gauss (0.1 Tesla or 80000 amperes / M) of the watch, successfully resolved the magnetic interference this problem. Such a powerful capacity of a diamagnetic, rely on a number of innovative technologies: the first protective layer is oyster shell made of ferromagnetic alloy build antimagnetic cover will be wrapped up movement, to provide efficient protection. Antimagnetic cover engraved with B — Symbols of magnetic flux density, an arrow displayed above. Rolex invented the technology in 1956, and has since been improved. The second layer protection is made from a new type of magnetic material made of the important parts of the machine.

Oyster case MILGAUSS watch ensure water depth of 100 meters (330 feet), is a masterpiece of durable. A unique case in middle has strong anti-erosion capacity of 904L cast stainless steel. Triangular pit bottom cover by Rolex watchmaker exclusive tools tight it, completely sealed case. On the list of Rolex’s patented double lock crown waterproofing system, and firmly tightened in the case. The mirror is made of blue crystal glass.

The past, continuous development

The MILGAUSS watch in traditional, loyal to maintain the unique personality at the same time, the past, development. In 2007, this watch came out of a new generation of MILGAUSS brings together all of Rolex’s superb skills. In addition to its core antimagnetic cover, is also equipped with a new component of some strong anti-magnetic function.