The recommendation of Rolex oyster perpetual watch—MILGAUSS

The Rolex oyster perpetual watch, the MILGAUSS is an outstanding representative of the scientific and technological progress. It successfully eliminated intense magnetic field to witness the accuracy of interference. The color of orange lights the second hand design of a new generation of the Rolex watch MILGAUSS with outstanding, its inspiration from the earliest models. The anniversary with a green blue crystal mirror creates a new feature of the watch industry. Let us to learn more about the MILGAUSS.

Special Oyster case

At the same time, the Rolex in ensuring superior timing performance, the design can withstand 1000 Gauss (0.1 Tesla or 80000 amperes / M) of the watch, successfully resolved the magnetic interference this problem. Such a powerful capacity of a diamagnetic, rely on a number of innovative technologies: the first protective layer is oyster shell made of ferromagnetic alloy build antimagnetic cover will be wrapped up movement, to provide efficient protection. Antimagnetic cover engraved with B — Symbols of magnetic flux density, an arrow displayed above. Rolex invented the technology in 1956, and has since been improved. The second layer protection is made from a new type of magnetic material made of the important parts of the machine.

Oyster case MILGAUSS watch ensure water depth of 100 meters (330 feet), is a masterpiece of durable. A unique case in middle has strong anti-erosion capacity of 904L cast stainless steel. Triangular pit bottom cover by Rolex watchmaker exclusive tools tight it, completely sealed case. On the list of Rolex’s patented double lock crown waterproofing system, and firmly tightened in the case. The mirror is made of blue crystal glass.

The past, continuous development

The MILGAUSS watch in traditional, loyal to maintain the unique personality at the same time, the past, development. In 2007, this watch came out of a new generation of MILGAUSS brings together all of Rolex’s superb skills. In addition to its core antimagnetic cover, is also equipped with a new component of some strong anti-magnetic function.

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